Zhexiong Wan


Ph.D. Candidate
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China
wanzhexiong (at) mail.nwpu.edu.cn


About Me

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Information Engineering, supervised by Prof. Yuchao Dai in NPU-CVR (website in Chinese) lab at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), Xi’an, China. I am currently a visiting PhD student at National University of Singapore (NUS) under the supervision of Prof. Gim Hee Lee.

Before that, I received B.E. degree in Computer Science at NPU in 2019, during which I participated in several student competitions and received the Outstanding Undergraduate Student and Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis awards.

My research lies at the intersection of Low-Level Vision and 3D Vision, with a special focus on Event-based vision. My research interests include motion estimation (optical flow and scene flow estimation), motion segmentation, motion deblurring, video frame generation (interpolation, reconstruction and prediction), etc.

I expect to be on the job market in 2025. I would appreciate a ping if you see a position I might fit.


Publications [Google Scholar][DBLP]

  1. AAAI
    Juanjuan Zhu*, Zhexiong Wan*, Yuchao Dai (* equal contribution)
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  2. NeurIPS
    Jianqin Luo*, Zhexiong Wan*, Yuxin Mao, Bo Li, Yuchao Dai (* equal contribution)
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  3. ICCV
    Zhexiong Wan, Yuxin Mao, Jing Zhang, Yuchao Dai
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  4. CVPR
    Bin Fan*, Yuxin Mao*, Yuchao Dai, Zhexiong Wan, Qi Liu
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  5. TIP
    Zhexiong Wan, Yuchao Dai, Yuxin Mao
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  6. TCSVT
    Yuxin Mao*, Zhexiong Wan*, Yuchao Dai, Xin Yu (* equal contribution)
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT), 2022.
  7. Yuxin Mao, Jing Zhang, Zhexiong Wan, Yuchao Dai, Aixuan Li, Yunqiu Lv, Xinyu Tian, Deng-Ping Fan, Nick Barnes
    arXiv 2021.
  8. arXiv
    Zhexiong Wan, Yuxin Mao, Yuchao Dai
    ECCV workshop, Robust Vision Challenge 2020.

Project Experience

3D Dynamic Perception using Neuromorphic Vision Sensor Jan. 2021 -- Dec. 2022

SAR-Optical Image Matching Oct. 2020 -- Jun. 2021

Undergraduate Robotics Maker Team at NPU Sept. 2016 -- Jun. 2019

Selected Honors and Awards

2nd place of VFI track in the 2023 The Greater Bay Area International Algorithm Case Competition 2023
The Innovation Foundation for Doctor Dissertation of NPU 2023
First-Class Academic Scholarships for PhD Students in NPU 2020&2022&2023
2nd place of Optical Flow track in the ECCV 2020 Robust Vision Challenge 2020
First-Class & Outstanding Advisor of RoboMaster University Championship 2019
Championships of RoboCup@Rescue China Open & China Robot Competition 2018
First-Class of The 11th Chinese College Students Computer Design Contest 2018
First-Class & Application Innovation of ASC17 Student Supercomputer Challenge 2017

Additional Information

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